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Understand individuals, teams and jobs to transform them

Who Are Our Customers?

Small, medium and large companies. National Associations, bodies and services. Public company and public service.


In which regions do we operate?

We operate throughout Brazil, we have clients in the North, Northeast, Midwest, South and Southeast. We take companies abroad abroad as well.



Understand individuals, teams and jobs (to transform them).


Vitalizing ourselves as a technical and relational reference in performance connections, strategic remuneration and personal, professional and organizational results.

Sum Values

Establishing integral connections: giving value to your values, granting knowledge on your path, providing a sustainable strategy for your transformation, integrating effectiveness and affection into your personal, professional and organizational processes.

Consumer Goods




Education and Services


Discover our specialties

Remuneration Management

Positions and Salaries, Salary Research, Medium and Long Term Remuneration and Study of Commissioning, Participations (PLR / PPR), Awards and Benefits Management.

Performance Management

Performance Guidelines, Onboarding, Job Analysis, Culture and Goals Book. Instrumentalizations, Performance Analysis, Potential and Productivity (Soft Skills, Hard Skills and Meta Skills), Development Plan, OKR's and KPI's.

Organizational Management

Organizational Strategic Planning with a focus on Processes, People, Technology and Results. Innovation and Integration of Subsystems, Dimensioning of Headcount, Construction of Global, Sectorial and Individual Indicators, Formatting of Successful Teams.

Instrutoria, Ensinagem E Pesquisa

Free Demand Mentoring, Specific Demand, Diagnostic Analysis, Human Behavior Studies in Organizations, Personal, Professional and Organizational Update Courses. Lectures and Trainings.