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Remuneration Management

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Strategic Remuneration

In the corporate world, the adoption of meritocratic and interchangeable Strategic Remuneration policies amplifies the commitments of mutual responsibility, both due to the vast package of quantifiable rewards authorized nationally.

When granting strategic character to the remuneration of employees and executives, recognition and understanding of its components is important.


Due to its methodological and strategic character, the whole process of building remuneration modalities has specific and scientifically proven / recommended techniques.


The cause and effect relationships in the remuneration components for employees and executives deserve to be highlighted, especially because for each type of remuneration there will be a differentiated and interpreted perception on the part of the professional.


Authorization models for payment to professionals in Brazil obey all the rigors of Labor Law. Each remuneration has its own law, its own components and specific legal treatments.


Remuneration in the Brazilian scenario brings an important need for analysis of what the market offers to professionals, in order to promote the guarantee of the attractiveness of professionals and the retention of employees in the organization.

Strategic Remuneration

Structuring of Positions, Salaries and Careers Plans

Job Description and Specification, Job Evaluation Methodologies, Market Salary Research, Career Structuring (Hybrid, Technical, Technological, Management and Innovation).

Variable Remuneration (Direct or Indirect)

Structuring of Variable Remuneration Policies (Commissions, Bonuses, Participations, Awards, Partnerships, Stock Options, Profit and Results Sharing), and Management of Benefits and Incentives.

Contemporary Methodology

Technical delivery in accordance with the scientific, technical and practical elements currently employed in major national and worldwide corporations.


25 years of experience in different segments in Brazil and worldwide.

Market Practices

Know how and international benchmarking.

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