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Performance Management

Forward to Performance!

Construction of Performance Elements: perform talent management in your company using modern tools, technologies and techniques that generate results. Evaluate past performance and future potential of employees through the Avante Nine Box Matrix.

Structuring of Performance Advisors -
a path to be followed:


Process mapping to embark new hires in the company. The objective is to promote socialization with routines, values and organizational culture.

Job Analysis

Deepen requirements, responsibilities and competencies to perform the tasks required by the function.

Organizational Culture

Identify, adapt and strengthen the culture that shapes and provide meaning to the company's members.

Book of Goals

KPIS and OKRS to measure actions and provide answers for the continuous improvement of organizational processes.

Formatting Development Plans

Individual and Collective

Feedback and Feedforward Management

Feedback from the manager to the subordinate employees in order to guide them on their performance. Focus on points that need to be improved and strengths. Feedforward focusing on the skills that need to be developed. Its function is to seek to optimize the potential of each professional.

Leadership and Team Member

Activities that improve the skills and confidence of leaders and followers, development through training for the performance cycle.

Contemporary Methodology

Technical delivery in accordance with the scientific, technical and practical elements currently employed in major national and worldwide corporations.


25 years of experience in different segments in Brazil and worldwide.

Market Practices

Know how and international benchmarking.

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